Let Go

Some one Say
It’s painful To Wait For
Someone Say
It’s painful to Forget
The worst Pain comes
When you don’t know
Whether to Wait or Forget..!!
I don’t want to be
Everything to Everyone,
But i would like to be
Something to Someone..!!
Everyone Says Love hurts,
but that’s not true,
Loneliness Hurts,
Rejection Hurts,
Losing Someone Hurts..
Everyone confuses these with Love but in reality -
Love is the only thing in this world♥♥
that covers up all the Pain, &
makes us feel Wonderful Again…!!!
I remember all the late night talks and all the words I was
comfortable saying to him, but I never would have been able
to say to anyone else.
I remember all the songs that take me
back and make me smile..
I remember all the moments he took
my breath away.
I remember the games we played because we
couldn’t think of anything to say.
I miss you so much!!!
Love Someone …
Not Because They Give
You What You Need … !!!
Because They Give You Feelings
You Never Thought You Needed!
Sometimes situation makes
you to hate
Don’t hate that person.
Just hate that situation..!
Nobody is bad,
situations makes a person
I Had Never Cared For Someone, As I Do
For You.
I Wanna Tell This To You, You Are My
Heart And My Soul Too.
I Wanna Tell This To You, I Am Nothing
Without You.
I Wanna Tell This To You, Few
Expressions Cant Be Expressed In
I Wanna Tell This To You, My Heart Is
Beating And Its Beating For You.
I Wanna Tell This To You,I Love You…